Prof Laurence Anthony

Seminar 1


New Directions in Corpus Design and Corpus Tools Development


26 October 2018 13:30 - 14:30


Lu Sin Lecture Theatre (D0309), 3/F, Block D, Jockey Club Campus, OUHK


In this keynote lecture, I will first discuss recent changes in the nature of corpus linguistics research, focusing on the importance of corpus size and design choices, the growing use of web-based corpora, and the introduction of novel statistical and visualization techniques. Next, I will explain how these changes have led to various new avenues for corpus research, including social network analysis and multilingual corpus studies. Then, I will introduce a range of desktop and web-based corpus tools that can assist corpus linguists in the collection, cleaning, and annotation of corpora, as well as the analysis and visualization of results from corpus studies in these new areas. At the end of the lecture, I will discuss how newcomers to corpus linguistics can best learn to use these tools and apply them in novel and interesting corpus linguistics studies.